Sustainability and Environmental concerns are always top priorities of Acerchem in designing and developing our products. We are committed to the concept of Green, Healthy and Secure.

Our key initiatives have included low energy consumption and pollution-free production lines working in close collaboration with our manufacturing partners.

For our customers, we continually uphold the values of humanity and nature considerations. Our aim is to introduce the most sustainable product solutions that will satisfy all our customers.

Our Vision statement is “Create value for health; Bring nutrition to life”.

Acerchem Group has worked many years with universities & research institutions to develop new sustainable products like rice protein, pea protein, probiotics,etc.

Acerchem has been very successful on project for comprehensive utilization of rice. From raw material to end product, we’ve developed more than ten different products for healthy applications.

Acerchem also tackles the subject of social responsibility. We carry out healthy plans for employees and their families. In addition, we offer regular health products as part of our consideration for our most important asset of the employees.

We regularly offer Health products free to nursing homes for the elderly.

With our own animal nutrition brand “Keepet “, Acerchem can unite some international enterprises for adoption of pets.

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