Acerchem China, as the operation center, provide global intelligence in the field of market analysis, sourcing capability as well as the logistic planning.

Our office in Utah and four inventory(hub) points can bring countrywide supply chain service to all States.

Purchasing Team

One of the biggest value from Acerchem is our cost-saving performance based on our central purchasing advantage. Acerchem has developed nutrition business all over the world, which makes our business scope truly global in the market place.

This provides Acerchem with excellent scope to reach local advantage with all our suppliers all over the world. Centralizing and consolidating our demand globally allows us to negotiate on significant volumes to allow us to offer competitive pricing to our partners.

Through our global purchasing team, Acerchem can monitor and work closely with our local suppliers operating in Europe, USA, Asian Pacific and China. We are proud of our purchasing system which can establish an integrated service from anywhere in the world.

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