Nobiletin is a type of citrus bioflavonoid that is thought to have beneficial effects on the blood vessel walls, promoting their strength and health. Nobiletin can be found in supplements with citrus bioflavonoids and occurs naturally in citrus fruits and juices like orange juice and lemons. Nobiletin powder has antioxidant, hyperlipidemia, vasoprotective and cholesterol lowering actions. It can inhibit the following enzymes: Phospholipase A2, lipoxygenase, HMG-CoA reductase, and cyclo-oxygenase. It may enhance capillary health by reducing their permeability.

It offers a wide range of health benefits, including support for cognitive function and overall brain health. This citrus gem has garnered attention for its potential to enhance mental clarity and protect brain cells from damage.

The outcomes of Nobiletin

Antioxidant Activity: Nobiletin demonstrates potent antioxidant properties, scavenging free radicals and protecting cells from oxidative damage. By neutralizing free radicals, Nobiletin reduces oxidative stress and helps preserve cell health.

Anti-inflammatory Effects: Inflammation is a natural response of the body to injury, infection, or irritation, but excessive or chronic inflammation can contribute to disease development and progression. Nobiletin modulating the release of inflammatory mediators and suppressing inflammatory signaling pathways, thereby reducing inflammation and lowering the risk of associated diseases.

Neuroprotective Actions: Nobiletin exerts protective effects on the nervous system, helping to maintain the health and function of nerve cells. It promotes neuronal growth and survival and enhances communication between neurons.

Cardiovascular Protection: Nobiletin lowers cholesterol levels, reduces lipid deposition in arterial walls, thus preventing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, Nobiletin promotes vasodilation and improves blood flow, contributing to healthy circulation.

Therapeutic potential

Nobiletin(NOB) is a multifunctional pharmaceutical agent. The various pharmacological activities of NOB include neuroprotection, cardiovascular protection, antimetabolic disorder, anticancer, anti-inflammation, and antioxidation.

It improves liver function, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, remodels gut microflora, ameliorates hepatocellular necrosis, steatosis, and insulin resistance, and modulates biorhythms.


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